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This is the official page for the Fellas containing a group of criminal masterminds with members such as Glenn Bauer or BroMoment, Derek Bauer, otherwise known as ChugBoolin, and Brett Bauer otherwise known as grease from fries. Two members of the Fellas are Deceased.

The Origin of the fellas can be traced back to the hit song, "Obunga In my Bungaloo" which was made in 1976 by french song writer Denzel Quincy Crocker.

The fellas is a group of 5, 2 now deceased. Though, how did it get that way? Many believe that the group started to die when Asian Man got a bad report card, but many would disagree, especially every member of "The Fellas" other than Asian Man himself. Brett Bauer committed a series of crimes, many being related to tax fraud, he is now hiding off the coast of Florida, surviving the hurricanes one gulp at a time. Crybaby died defending the woman he loves. Many suspect Glenn Bauer as being behind the murder of Crybaby though nothing has been confirmed. Derek Bauer is a rogue with despicable parents, he has attempted to fight the system but is now currently imprisoned in a Massachusetts, it is rumored that he is dead as well.

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